Public halls and theatres

Public halls, restaurants, music venues and theaters all need excellent acoustics to give audiences the kind of experience they expect.

Public halls, music venues and theatres all need excellent acoustics to give audiences the kind of experience they expect.

Heraklith® Wood Wool panels are an excellent solution, thanks to their extraordinary sound-absorption properties.

The open surface structure of Heraklith® panels easily absorbs echoes and unwanted sounds. At the same time, they provide good thermal protection and excellent fire resistance which fully meets – and in most cases exceeds – the legal requirements for public buildings. Heraklith® panels do not melt and do not produce burning droplets.


Outstanding acoustics

Heraklith® offers a wide variety of insulation solutions to help create outstanding acoustics but the best sound absorption and fire resistance is provided by Tektalan A2 panels which have a wood wool top and mineral wool core.

Like all Heraklith® panels, they can be factory-finished in almost any colour and provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance. They are frequently chosen for halls and theatres where environmental best practices are important, without loss of the impression of openness and space.

The panels are commonly used on the walls and ceilings of halls and foyers as well as in other critical areas of the building such as corridors to dressing rooms, basements, orchestra pits, catwalks, delivery areas, escape routes and air shafts.


CZ Klatovy U Kosile 4

Music club Klatovy

Klatovy , Czechia

Inside the AFAS Experience Center

AFAS Experience Center

Leusden, Utrecht , Netherlands

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