Music club Klatovy

Project summary
Application Public halls and theatres

Klatovy , Czechia

Product(s) used Heraklith C, Knauf Insulation Decibel, Knauf GKF 15
Building “U Košile“ music club
Owner Liboš Pitule
Architect Josef Černý

From past experience in managing clubs, I knew that I needed a solution that would meet our acoustical needs and would not need continuous repairs. When Mr. Černy, the architect, came to me with the idea of using an overlayer from Heraklith, I liked how it looked, because it fit in with the feel of the club.

Liboš Pitule Club Owner


In 2012, Liboš Pitule set out to create a music club called „U Košile“ in a building that had formerly served as a shirt factory. In designing the club, architect Josef Černý needed to ensure that stage was acoustically insulated in a way that produced high quality sound in its immediate area while preventing the music from getting lost in the rest of the club - and outside of it. In addition, the club needed to meet fire regulations and to handle easily the day-to-day flow of customers.

Design requirements such as these are ideally met by Heraklith wood wool insulation boards, the open surface structure of which provides outstanding acoustical insulation properties.


To meet these design requirements, the architect first proposed covering the walls and ceiling with perforated drywall boards in combination with mineral wool insulation. The solution would meet the acoustic demands of the design requirements, but in the active environment of the music club it could easily be damaged. After consulting with the owner, the architect opted instead for a design that employed overlaying combinations of
Heraklith insulating panels.

The stage is located in the rear part of the building, which is covered by a shed-style roof. The underside of the roof is covered with reinforced drywall onto which is attached heavy-duty Knauf GKF 15 drywall cladding, to protect against fire, and Heraklith C boards, to provide acoustic insulation.

These components are combined with 20 cm of glass mineral wool insulation in the ceiling and more Heraklith C acoustic panels for the walls - to provide a fire-safe environment that meets the acoustical needs of a popular music club.