Your no-compromise solution

Heraklith® Wood Wool insulation panels provide an all-in-one, no compromise solution for your insulation needs. They combine fire resistance with superior acoustic and thermal performance in one durable and eco-friendly product.

Product properties


Fire resistance

The intense heat of a building fire can affect not only the material being burned but the structural components of the building itself causing significant damage to its structure and endangering the safety of its occupants. To protect against such risks, it is important to employ high quality fire resistant materials in the building construction.


Thermal insulation

Heraklith offers a wide variety of solutions for thermal insulation applications, including multilayer panels that combine wood wool insulation with rock mineral wool or foam insulation to ensure excellent thermal insulation for living and work spaces. 



Heraklith wood wool insulation boards are made depending on availability from PEFC certified spruce wood that originates in carefully managed forests.

Heraklith Long Panel

Noise absorption

The open surface structure of Heraklith wood wool insulation boards provides outstanding acoustical insulation properties. And Heraklith offers a variety of acoustic insulation solutions, some of which combine the wood wool boards with mineral wool insulation that also exhibits excellent sound absorption properties.



Wood wool panels are naturally attractive and so provide both an effective insulation solution as well as an aesthetically striking finish for car parks, technical rooms, offices, recreational establishments and many other applications.



Heraklith offers an assortment of durable wood wool insulation solutions for every application. And all of our wood wool products meet the international EN quality standards.