Outstanding acoustics at the Atlas Theatre in Emmen

Project summary
Application Public halls and theatres

Emmen , Netherlands

Product(s) used Tektalan A2 and Heraklith A2
Building New regional theatre
Client Emmen Municipality, Van den Berg Group, Dura Vermeer

A new theatre can boast state-of-the-art light and sound. But the challenge is to avoid resonance and to ensure that everything sounds as it is intended. We are very happy that the end result is a beautiful looking building with perfect acoustics. As technicians, it makes us very proud.

Koos Maris Head of Technology, Atlas Theatre


The Atlas Theatre in Emmen combines the very best of modern architecture and technology. It was designed specifically to give the impression of openness and space, at the same time as being a showcase for environmental best practices. This was particularly important as the theatre also serves as the entrance to the recently re-located Emmen zoo.

The challenge was to ensure that the acoustics in the grand foyer hall, with its 20 metre high ceiling, and other critical areas in the building were sufficiently insulated to avoid echoes and other unwanted sound. The solution also needed to be aesthetically pleasing and had to enhance the very high standard of interior finish.


Heraklith offers a wide variety of insulation solutions to help create outstanding acoustics. In this case Tektalan A2 was chosen as the perfect solution as the panels combine wood wool multilayer board with rock mineral wool for high absorption of sound and noise.

Tektalan panels were used in the foyer area for the outer walls of the stage halls, while Tektalan A2 and Heraklith A2 panels were chosen for areas such as the corridors to the dressing rooms, entrance to the small stage room, and the basement with the orchestra pit.

The open surface structure of Heraklith wood wool insulation provides outstanding sound absorption properties. Furthermore, Tektalan and Heraklith panels offer high levels of fire protection.

Heraklith wood wool insulation boards do not melt or produce burning droplets when exposed to fire and are rated in the best class with regard to smoke generation.

For the Atlas Theatre, another important aspect was that the panels would also provide a decorative element to the building. They were factory-made in white, grey and black colours to perfectly match the interior finish.