Innovation has always been at the heart of Heraklith®

Heraklith® has come a long way since wood wool panels were first patented in 1908.  Ever since then, innovation has been at the forefront of our development.

In the 1960s Heratekta was introduced as our first multilayer panel combining Wood Wool and polystyrene (EPS) for enhanced thermal and acoustic performance.

In the 1980s Tektalan was launched as the first panel to combine wood wool and mineral wool, providing enhanced fire resistance and even greater thermal and acoustic performance.

In 2006, Heraklith® became the first company to manufacture non-combustible A2 class panels which meet the EN 13501-1 standards.


Livestock buildings

In 2010 Heraklith® introduced specially developed wood wool panels for insulating livestock buildings such as cowsheds, stables and pigsties.

Recently, we introduced a new Heratekta panel for Benelux based on a panel originally developed for Germany, and soon we will expand our Tektalan range.

When it comes to innovation, Heraklith® is uniquely placed to anticipate new market needs. Our long experience of working with wood wool materials, our continuous exploration for new applications, and the close contact we maintain with our customers puts us in a privileged position.