Fire resistance


The intense heat of a building fire can affect not only the material being burned but the structural components of the building itself causing significant damage to its support structure and endangering the health and safety of its occupants. To protect against such damage and danger, it is important to employ high quality fire resistant materials in the building construction.

Heraklith wood wool insulation boards act as shields to protect the building structural components from the damaging heat of a fire. They are available in wood wool only or in multi-layer design in which they are combined with other Knauf Insulation products, such as Rock Mineral Wool or a Foam offering limited combustibility or non-combustible boards (A2 class, according to EN 1365-2).

Important to know that Heraklith wood wool insulation boards do not melt or produce burning droplets when exposed to fire and are rated in the best class with regard to smoke development.