Quiet open spaces in Holoubkov

Project summary
Application Office spaces

Holoubkov , Czechia

Product(s) used Heraklith C
Building Office building
Clients TGS; Architectural Studio Momentura (Architect Michal Rouha)

Heraklith has gained our admiration for silencing noise at the same time as providing a solution that reflects our engineering and machinery environment. Any initial doubts from my colleagues have been completely dismissed.

Radka Hodinová Office Manager – TGS


The challenge was to create an open-plan office space which would promote creative thinking and encourage teamwork but provide enough space and the right acoustics to avoid disturbance to colleagues from telephone conversations and ringing phones.

The atmosphere of the location - an industrial steel building – and TGS focus on mechanical engineering also demanded a material that would reflect the character of the company which works mainly with raw materials in their natural state.


The solution was to use Heraklith wood wool insulation as this natural cladding met all the requirements. It is a natural product that combines fire resistance with superior acoustic and thermal performance. Its availability in a variety of surface textures, colours, and sizes allowed for an entirely customised design with high impact resistance and long-lasting durability, even in a challenging industrial environment.

Heraklith panels were used for insulating the three boxes containing facilities and a conference room that are inserted into the 330 m2 office space on the first floor, helping to create small recesses in the open space. Noise and reverberation from elsewhere in the building are effectively suppressed by the open structure of the wood fibres in the Heraklith panels.

These panels were also used for the entrance hall, stairway, canteen facilities and multi-purpose leisure room. They provide an environment almost totally free from the clink of glasses and the sound of bouncing ping-pong balls.

“One of the key elements of the interior is the acoustic Heraklith ceiling,” says architect Michael Rouha. “It attenuates noise and helps create an ideal working environment.”