Heraklith® Agro Wood Wool panels: ideal for pig farms

Project summary
Application Agricultural buildings

Sárpilis, Tolna County , Hungary

Product(s) used Heraklith® Agro Wood Wool panels (2000x600x25mm) used in conjunction with Knauf Insulation Mineral Wool thermal insulation, MPN Plus 037, Mineral Plus 039
Building Livestock housing, pig farm
Client Gemenc-Bau Kft.

Ventilation and insulation play a critical role in maintaining a healthy environment for stabled or penned animals. They need to be carefully chosen to ensure optimum living conditions. 

For this purpose, Heraklith® offers Agro Wood Wool panels. They are specially designed for agricultural use and provide insulation at the same time as helping to evenly distribute airflow. 

They were an ideal solution for this 12,500 m2 pig farm near Sárpilis, Tolna County, Hungary.


Modern and efficient pig production requires optimum conditions for rearing the animals. Indoor climate is important for both animal growth and wellbeing.

Poorly ventilated pig enclosures can result in overpowering smells in winter and serious overheating problems in the summer. Such conditions can have a debilitating effect both on the animals and the people working around them. 

Poor air quality also increases the risk of respiratory disease, It can result in longer and costlier rearing times, and it can cause stress for the animals.

The challenge at this pig farm was to complement a well-managed, functioning and efficient ventilation system with insulation and structural materials that would ensure a smooth flow of air. 

The ventilation system was designed to effectively draw fresh air into the buildings and remove stale air containing dust, harmful gases and water vapour. But draughts needed to be avoided and insulation installed to help control temperature.


The answer was to use Heraklith® Agro Wood Wool panels. 

The porous structure of the panels makes them act as air deflectors. As a result, the airflow is slowed down and becomes evenly distributed. It also prevents draughts and harmful concentrations of fast flowing air. 

The energy efficiency and thermal insulation of the panels is excellent and so no further protection was required between the rafters of the roof structure. 

And thanks to the excellent acoustic insulation properties of the Heraklith® Agro Wood Wool Panels, the noise from animals and agricultural machinery has been significantly reduced. 

Because the panels are classified according to MSZ EN 13501-1 as A2 (non-combustible), they also help provide fire protection.

When used in conjunction with Knauf Insulation Glass Mineral Wool with ECOSE® Technology, the Heraklith® Agro Wood Wool panels help keep the agricultural building warm in cold weather and cooler in summer, while minimising the presence of dust particles.

The panels have a natural wood appearance due to their visible wood wool structure. However, they can be painted or optionally, they can be delivered already factory-painted.

No special tools or skills are required for installation and easy-to-fix fastenings can be provided.