Kindergarten and Elementary School

Project summary
Application Exterior wall insulation, Educational facilities

Fehérgyarmat , Hungary

Product(s) used Heraklith® A2 and A2 C
Building Kölcsey Ferenc Kindergarten and Elementary School
Client Sajó Design Bt

Heraklith® panels chosen for creative exterior insulation

Kölcsey Ferenc Kindergarten and Elementary School is a new school that has been built in Fehérgyarmat, a town in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county, in the Northern Great Plain region of eastern Hungary.

It is a state-of-the-art school for which Heraklith® Wood Wool panels were chosen to construct the eye-catching and imaginativ exterior insulation.

The Challenge

It is not unusual in Hungary to find schools with playful facades, in which different shades of bricks have been used to create imaginative and memorable patterns. Indeed, during the large-scale construction of institutional establishments at the turn of the 20th century, such designs were widely used.

When Imre Sajó, of Architects Sajó Design Bt, was commissioned to design Kölcsey Ferenc Kindergarten and Elementary School he was keen to continue the tradition, but using modern and even more striking materials.

The challenge was to provide long-lasting materials that offer good insulation and pleasing, playful looking aesthetics that complement the very futuristic look and feel of the school.

The solution

The solution, developed with the support of engineers at Knauf Insulation Kft, was to create a ventilated façade of grey and white coloured Heraklith® Wood Wool panels to produce a unique pattern, at the same time as providing excellent heat and sound insulation.

The 25 mm thick fire-resistant panels were manufactured using white cement (Heraklith® A2 25x500x2000 mm) and grey cement (Heraklith® A2 C 25x500x2000 mm) and have higher a higher than usual density. The edged panels were planed and then treated with Sto Kft’s Hydrogrund primer and painted with Sto Color Lotusan paint.

The design has received considerable acclaim from a number of other well known and highly respected architects. Award winning Architect Ernő Kálmán says the building has a feeling of lightness that helps the eye take it in. “Its uniqueness is a sign of distinction for those who study within its walls,” he says.

“The architect strives to provide harmony between the various parts and pays attention to the degree and distribution of details,” says Professor Miklós Jancsó, from the Faculty of Architecture at Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

“An additional benefit of the planned façade design is that graduating students will take with them the memory of a lovable and memorable school building in addition to the excellent education they receive,” commented award winning architect, György Janáky.