Indoor parking garage

Project summary
Application Garages and underground car parks

Bij de Watertoren , s-Gravendeel , Netherlands

Product(s) used Heratekta wood wool combi panels
Building Apartments
Builder JECON
Contractor WEBOMA
Architect Molenaar & Co

Heratekta wood wool panels – an excellent solution for sustainability certification

The picturesque town of 's-Gravendeel in the western Netherlands, is particularly popular among people who love peace and quiet, and who the views of the Dordtse Kil river. The original village dates back to 1593, but now a new neighbourhood, “Bij de Watertoren”, has been constructed on the outskirts.

This new neighbourhood offers of a wide variety of housing including townhouses, clusters of two and three semi-detached houses, row houses and 19 apartments.

Comfort and sustainability are central throughout the entire neighbourhood. The homes are not connected to the traditional natural gas network. Instead, all will be fitted with one or more solar panels.

The Challenge

To provide highly effective levels of acoustic insulation in the parking garage of the apartments and to provide higher apartments with good thermal insulation for increased living comfort. A high degree of sustainability was required as well as first class fire protection.

The Solution

All criteria and specifications for the garage were met by installing a finish of Heraklith wood wool panels, selected to ensure pleasant acoustics in this space. Heratekta wood wool combi panels with grey EPS were chosen for their particularly high thermal performance. Grey EPS (λ 0.032) offers on average 25% better thermal performance than white EPS.

Heratekta wood wool panels have the natural hue of wood and fit in with the sustainable nature of this residential project. Heraklith wood wool panels are ideal for projects with sustainability certification such as BREEAM, WELL and LEED.

They are produced with PEFC certified wood and a fibre width of 2.0 mm. The panels are supplied unpainted in the natural, warm tones of wood as standard and not only offer first-class fire protection, but also provide effective insulation against heat loss and sound.

The Heratekta wood wool panel is provided with a tongue and groove connection which allows quick and extra flat installation.