Football stadium in Budapest

Project summary
Application Garages and underground car parks, Technical rooms

Budapest , Hungary

Product(s) used Heraklith C 25 mm combined with rock mineral wool 120 mm
Building FTC Football Stadium
Clients Ferencváros Football Club (FTC)
Architect S. A. M. O.
Leading designer Ms. Agnes Streit
General contractor Market Építö Zrt.

We were looking for a material that provides good sound absorption, is long-lasting and is aesthetically pleasing. Based on our past experience and good feelings about the product we chose Heraklith.

FTC-Burics Oktávian S.A.M.O designer


The challenge was to find a long-lasting solution that provided good sound absorption and was aesthetically pleasing for conference rooms, technical rooms, leisure areas and garages. For the garage insulation, excellent fire protection was also needed, combined with sound insulation to eliminate the noise of cars entering and leaving.


The solution was to use Heraklith wood wool insulation combined for this project with Knauf Insulation mineral wool to provide a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing solution.

Wood wool insulation is naturally durable and can last for the life of the building in which it is used. Heraklith boards fit easily into a tight ceiling application, and the high resistance to impact of the wood wool surface ensures optimal protection against physical damage.

For the garage installation it was important to use heat insulating materials that have A1/A2 (non-combustible) reaction to fire properties. In the event of a fire, the priorities are to secure a free escape route and gain time. The Heraklith boards do not melt and do not produce burning droplets.

Good sound Insulation is also important as constant driving in and out can cause a considerable amount of noise.