Da Vinci College in Roosendaal

Project summary
Application Educational facilities

Roosendaal , Netherlands

Product(s) used Heraklith® A2 Wood Wool Panels, 2000mm
Building College campus
Client Our Secondary Education, Tilburg

Heraklith® Wood Wool for fire safety and insulation of practice rooms

The beautiful Da Vinci College in Roosendaal was completed at the end of 2015. It has been described as 'A small city' and was designed by Ector Hoogstad Architects & IMd (construction advice) to be much more than simply a collection of classrooms and practice rooms. The sustainable building provides a modern learning environment with inner squares, terraces, a boulevard, winter garden, and Sedum green roofs. It also incorporates innovative technology for low energy consumption.

The Challenge

Acoustics are of the utmost importance in a school building. Pupils must be able to concentrate on their work without noise from other rooms.

The challenge was to provide acoustic protection to minimise noise from adjoining class and practice rooms, using long-lasting materials that offer good insulation and pleasing aesthetics that complement the futuristic look and feel of the school.

The solution

The solution was to use Heraklith® Wood Wool insulation panels which have strong sound absorption properties, at the same time as providing a high quality and attractive finish.

It was also extremely important to provide a solution that provides high fire resistance, particularly in a school environment.

The open surface structure of the Heraklith® panels ensure outstanding acoustic properties and because they are manufactured from natural and sustainable materials, they provide a particularly eco-friendly solution. All the panels were made from certified wood.

Heraklith® Wood Wool insulation is an outstanding solution for the insulation of school practice rooms. Their outstanding acoustic insulation ensures that pupils are able to concentrate on their studies without noise from other rooms.

The boards are available in a wide array of colours and finishes and are resistant to the physical damage that can result from day-to-day use.