Colourful production facility in Škofja Loka

Project summary
Application Exterior wall insulation

Škofja Loka , Slovenia

Product(s) used Heraklith C
Building Vip Production Hall
Investor Knauf Insulation
Architect Protim Architects
Installer Kocjan Monter

Heraklith façade boards provide interesting design opportunities for architects and have opened up a new dimension in cladding. They enable us to offer solutions based on natural materials that are particularly complementary for structures where Knauf Insulation materials are already used.

Primož Bernard Project coordinator


The challenge was to create a façade that was aesthetically striking at the same time as meeting high standards of fire resistance, energy efficiency, acoustic performance and durability – all at a reasonable cost.


The solution was to use Heraklith C Wood Wool boards as this natural cladding meets all the requirements.

The Wood Wool boards provide excellent acoustic insulation performance and are fire resistant and easy to install. They are also highly durable as they have high impact resistance and are long lasting, even in a challenging industrial environment.

Due to the fact that Heraklith C Wood Wool is derived from sustainable natural materials, it represents an eco-friendly and environmentally responsible approach to external wall insulation.

To give the building an individual and modern appearance, the architect specified three different shades for the boards which were coloured on site before installation.

The result is a multicolour Tetris pattern which creates a prominent and attractive design that is raising considerable interest from investors who are planning retrofits and similar new-build constructions.