Want to improve productivity? Then better soundproofing could be what you need

Heraklith® wood wool panels offer an effective solution for improving acoustics and deadening sound.

Numerous studies have shown that most people work more productively in an environment free of noisy distractions. Excessive noise, whether it be while working from home or in an office environment, can significantly reduce their ability to concentrate on what they are doing.

Among the studies is one by the British Journal of Psychology that found that if you can hear someone talking while reading or writing, your productivity falls by up to 66%.

In France, 57% of office workers claimed that their ability to focus was impacted by one or several noise sources, while in the US, research into the working habits of 40,000 office workers found there was no evidence that open-plan offices offered benefits over closed alternatives. In fact, open-plan workers complained more about sound privacy.

There may not be noisy colleagues around for those working at home, but they can be equally distracted by the noise of loud neighbours, noisy traffic, other people in the house or apartment, or by televisions or devices that are too loud.

It is not only productivity that suffers. The impact of poor acoustics on well-being and health has also been widely documented. For example, in a study carried out before the COVID pandemic, around 20 million Europeans were found to suffer from ‘high annoyance’ caused by external noise such as traffic, with issues ranging from irritation to cardiovascular problems.

Fortunately, such noise distractions can usually be significantly and cost-effectively reduced by improving sound insulation.

Heraklith® wood wool panels are ideal for such renovations as they combine exceptional thermal properties with excellent acoustic qualities for reducing sound.

The wood wool fibre structure of Heraklith panels means that they very effectively absorb sound. The panels are a popular choice for retrofitting. They can be quickly and easily fixed using various mounting methods, and their availability in a range of exciting, coloured finishes makes them an attractive addition to any interior. In addition, they have the added benefit of offering excellent fire resistance.

Heraklith and Knauf Insulation can provide a full range of help and advice for such installations. They may suggest using Heraklith panels in conjunction with other Knauf Insulation solutions for both office and home environments.

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