Heraklith® celebrates another centenary

Heraklith®, which not many years ago celebrated 100 years since patenting its world-famous Wood Wool panels, is celebrating another landmark centenary. This year marks 100 years since Heraklith was first registered as a brand.

1924 manufacturing process
First Wood Wool panels

During that time, the growing range of Heraklith Wood Wool panels has proven to be the choice for generations of customers. We have consistently built on our enviable reputation for innovation, quality, and expertise. Our customers turn to our brand when they need a versatile, durable, and lightweight wood wool product with exceptional acoustic and thermal performance, impeccable sustainability credentials and outstanding fire safety.

The brand Heraklith has a fascinating history with landmarks, including the introduction of increasingly sophisticated multilayer panels combining Wood Wool with other environmentally-friendly materials to continually enhance fire resistance and even greater thermal and acoustic performance.

Today we continue to accelerate our continuous improvement, and later this year, we will launch another new product to expand our range even further.

In the meantime, we continue to work with our customers to meet their needs, find solutions for their challenges, and explore the potential of Wood Wool in every possible building scenario.

The quality of our Wood Wool panels is second to none

Inge Bommerez Knauf Insulation General Manager BU Wood Wool

“Heraklith® Wood Wool panels are durable and long-lasting. They require minimal maintenance over their lifetime, and as they comply with increasingly tight energy-saving and environmental legislation, they maintain the property’s value for longer.

“We find numerous examples of where wood wool panels were installed many years ago and where they are still in use today,” she says.

Riyadh metro system
OEAMTC centre vienna

Heraklith® Wood Wool panels have many uses but have proved to be an ideal choice for garages and underground car parks.

Well-designed parking garages require excellent insulation to properly reflect the standards and expectations of the properties they serve, such as shopping malls and multi-storey apartment buildings. The panels are also widely used for public buildings such as restaurants, schools, and hospitals.

“At Heraklith®, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of sustainability at every level,” says Inge Bommerez.

“Whether it relates to responsible resourcing, reusing resources, reducing noise pollution, or providing all necessary environmental documentation, our customers can always be assured that Heraklith® Wood Wool products are leaders in eco-responsibility and are among the drivers of Knauf Insulation’s sustainability strategy For A Better World.”

Knauf Insulation is committed to sending zero waste to landfill by 2025. In 2022, our Heraklith plants successfully achieved this target three years before the deadline.

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