Heraklith® launches new Tektalan Silent

Heraklith® has launched a new and appropriately named Tektalan® A2-Silent panel, specially designed for use where highly effective sound reduction is required, such as in parking garages and industrial buildings.

Tektalan® A-2 Silent are non-combustible Wood Wool multilayer panels with a Mineral Wool core, giving them a Euroclass A2-s1, d0 fire rating.

As their name suggests, the 50 mm thick panels have high sound absorption properties and are ideal for avoiding sound pollution in a wide range of residential and commercial environments. Potential uses range from soundproofing underground parking garages and technical rooms, to providing effective sound and heat loss insulation in public buildings. Their moderate thickness, which combines high effectiveness with minimum space loss, means they are perfect for both new and retrofit projects.

Tektalan® A-2 Silent panels also provide a particularly attractive finish to the walls and ceilings where they are used. Their visible sides are coloured white, and they have bevelled edges to give an appealing and professional appearance that remains robust and extremely durable.

“All Heraklith® Wood Wool panels are renowned for their exceptional combination of properties,” says Josef Denk, Heraklith Product Manager Wood Wool. He has led the development of the new Tektalan® A-2 Silent panels and says they are expected to a very popular addition to the Heraklith® range. “They combine excellent noise absorption, strength and durability, with outstanding fire resistance and a unique appearance and pleasing aesthetics.”

Tektalan® A-2 Silent panels are already available for order in Germany and are expected to be introduced in other markets over coming months.

Carlos Nicolas, Heraklith Sales & Marketing Director, added that there is an increasing awareness and sensitivity to noise pollution in Europe and the impact it has on people’s health. “Tektalan® A-2 Silent panels have been specifically developed to reduce noise levels. They can significantly improve the quality of life of people living close to noisy environments,” he says.

Additional product and technical information is available in German on the webpage and in a leaflet

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