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Tektalan Lumax in an underground car park

The positive power of wood

Here is a simple question. When you park your car in an underground urban space, do you feel more comfortable if you are surrounded by grey concrete walls or if the carpark has been lined with bright wooden panels?

An image with take care everywhere - follow the principles text in it

Comfort and Safety

Knauf Insulation EMEA marked 77 days without a single recordable accident on April 9  — a significant achievement for a region that clocks up 680,000 working hours every month across all our sites.

SI VIP production hall - Colourful Facades 1

It's time to tackle the inequality of unhealthy buildings

COVID-19 has put the world’s buildings under the spotlight to reveal glaring inequalities when it comes to unhealthy living and working conditions.

Image of a sunset in the Alps as a synonym for sustainability

Heraklith highlighted as a leading example of sustainability

Heraklith has long put sustainability at the heart of everything we do.

graphic of different women's heads on the occasion of women's day 2021

Our commitment to diversity

Today Knauf Insulation is celebrating International Women’s Day (IWD). By supporting IWD we commit to challenge bias, ensure gender equality and nurture a culture inspired by diversity and inclusion (D&I).

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Discover sustainable success stories

More recycling is one of the keys to making a circular economy possible.