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Tektalan silent at a ca rpark

Heraklith® launches new Tektalan Silent

Heraklith® has launched a new and appropriately named Tektalan® A2-Silent panel, specially designed for use where highly effective sound reduction is required, such as in parking garages and industrial buildings.

Heraklith 110th anniversary Collage

Heraklith® closes a year of celebrations

Heraklith® officially closes a year of celebrations this month, honouring the company’s 110th anniversary.

Annual Report 2018

2018 Annual Review

Knauf Insulation is proud to announce the publication of its 2018 Annual Review — Insulation Matters — a showcase for the company’s pioneering solutions, continuous improvement and customer-focused innovation.

global insulation

Heraklith® parent company, Knauf Insulation, voted Global Insulation Company of the Year

Knauf Insulation, parent company of Heraklith®, has been named as Global Insulation Company of the Year 2018.

The award was presented at the 13th annual Global Insulation Conference in Vienna, Austria.

New website

New Heraklith® website improves visitor information

Heraklith® has officially launched its new website, providing visitors with a more dynamic and user-friendly experience.

Heraklith helps improve animal welfare

Heraklith® helps improve animal welfare

Wood wool panels have been used for several decades to provide acoustic and thermal insulation in stables, chicken farms and pigsties.