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Tektalan Lumax in an underground car park

Insulation with integrated lighting

Heraklith® is launching a new concept of insulation with integrated lighting as the latest in its line of products designed to streamline installation and provide highly effective insulation solutions that are aesthetically pleasing and give users a friendly, harmonious and bright spatial experience.

Tektalan silent at a ca rpark

Heraklith® launches new Tektalan Silent

Heraklith® has launched a new and appropriately named Tektalan® A2-Silent panel, specially designed for use where highly effective sound reduction is required, such as in parking garages and industrial buildings.

Heraklith 110th anniversary Collage

Heraklith® closes a year of celebrations

Heraklith® officially closes a year of celebrations this month, honouring the company’s 110th anniversary.

Annual Report 2018

2018 Annual Review

Knauf Insulation is proud to announce the publication of its 2018 Annual Review — Insulation Matters — a showcase for the company’s pioneering solutions, continuous improvement and customer-focused innovation.

global insulation

Heraklith® parent company, Knauf Insulation, voted Global Insulation Company of the Year

Knauf Insulation, parent company of Heraklith®, has been named as Global Insulation Company of the Year 2018.

The award was presented at the 13th annual Global Insulation Conference in Vienna, Austria.

New website

New Heraklith® website improves visitor information

Heraklith® has officially launched its new website, providing visitors with a more dynamic and user-friendly experience.