Heraklith® provides exceptional value

Our range of Heraklith® Wood Wool products provides exceptional value for our customers. When you choose Heraklith® you know you are investing in some of the best panels available.

  • Shorter installation times, does not require specialist installers, and only general tools required meaning lower labour costs, higher productivity and lower risk of penalties caused by project delays.
  • Made by the inventors of wood wool – a company with some of the strongest credentials in the business
  • Developed and manufactured based on our extensive knowledge of the market and customer requirements
  • Performance independently tested and certified according to national and international standards
  • One product with a range of options to simplify decision-making
  • Products that comply with increasingly stringent energy-saving and environmental legislation
  • Highly durable products requiring minimum maintenance over long life time meaning lower building costs over an asset’s lifetime
  • A wide range of services to support architects and installers, ensuring fast and reliable help before, during and after our products are installed.

After all, Heraklith® has been improving Wood Wool since 1908.