Climate Fresk

Heraklith® leads the roll-out of an innovative climate change workshop program

Heraklith’s leading commitment to environmental responsibility has been further recognized with the company being chosen as one of the first in Knauf Insulation to hold an innovative workshop on climate change.

The Product and System Innovation (PSI) and Engineering Team for Wood Wool in Ferndorf, Austria, was among the pioneers in Central Europe to hold a “Climate Fresk” workshop, highlighting the far-reaching effects and consequences of CO2 emissions on our environment and identifying further actions to take.

Heraklith®, as part of Knauf Insulation, is already taking responsibility for a better future with its comprehensive sustainability strategy, “For a Better World.” Nevertheless, the workshop generated several new ideas to be pursued to achieve Heraklith’s sustainability goals.

“Climate Fresk” is a collaborative workshop program designed to teach the fundamental science behind climate change and empower everyone to take action. It is to be rolled out across Knauf Insulation, and as a first phase, the company aims to involve more than 50% of KI employees in 2023.

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