Three important Heraklith® Wood Wool projects

New case studies showcase three important Heraklith® Wood Wool projects

Three important new examples of how Heraklith® Wood Wool panels have been creatively used in the construction of new schools are now available in the Heraklith® library of case studies.

For an innovative new school in Hard, Austria, Heraklith® Tektalan A2-SD roof panels were bonded directly with the concrete and placed without the need for any additional anchoring dowels. The panels also provide very good acoustics.

The extraordinary location of the new school provides an unobstructed view of the lakeshore, and it has been designed so that the buildings open up to the direction of the water, giving the impression of absorbing the space leading to the lake.

The challenge was to provide long-lasting materials that offer good sound absorption and pleasing, natural looking aesthetics that complement the very futuristic look and feel of the school.

For the state-of-the-art Kölcsey Ferenc Kindergarten and Elementary School in Fehérgyarmat, in Hungary, Heraklith® A2 and A2 C panels were chosen to construct the eye-catching and imaginative exterior insulation.

It is not unusual in Hungary to find schools with playful facades, in which different shades of bricks have been used to create imaginative and memorable patterns. The solution, for this school developed with the support of engineers at Knauf Insulation Kft, was to create a ventilated façade of grey and white coloured Heraklith® Wood Wool panels to produce a unique pattern, at the same time as providing excellent heat and sound insulation.

The design has received considerable acclaim from well known and highly respected architects.

The third case study features the beautiful Da Vinci College in Roosendaal, Netherlands, which has been described as 'A small city'. The sustainable building provides a modern learning environment with inner squares, terraces, a boulevard, winter garden, and Sedum green roofs.

The challenge was to provide acoustic protection to minimise noise from adjoining class and practice rooms, using long-lasting materials that offer good insulation and pleasing aesthetics, and that complement the futuristic look and feel of the school.

The solution was to use Heraklith® A2 2000mm Wood Wool Panels, which have strong sound absorption properties, at the same time as providing a high quality and attractive finish.


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