New Environmental Product Declarations for Heraklith® portfolio

Heraklith® has updated and extended the Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for its popular and top-selling range of homogeneous and multilayer boards.

The three new 2020 EPDs cover Heratekta, Tektalan and Heraklith® boards. They are based on the very latest Life-Cycle Analyses (LCAs) for the products, covering their complete “cradle-to-grave” assessment. This includes transport, construction site impacts, and end of life after use phase.

“We believe we are the only manufacturer to have carried out such deep analysis,” says Products and Buildings Sustainability Manager, Jean-Pierre Pigeolet.

The new documents are valid and useable in building LCA tools in the majority of European countries. They are prepared in accordance with the EN 15804+A1 template which is the European template for construction products, and which is complementary to the ISO 14025 international template.

“The updated documents reflect the continuous improvements made in our manufacturing processes and product technology, particularly in terms of energy mix and efficiency, waste minimisation and binder technology,” says Mr. Pigeolet.

They are relevant for the two Heraklith manufacturing plants in Simbach, Germany, and Zalaegerszeg, Hungary.

The new EPDs have been published on the Netherlands MRPI website ( and can be also downloaded from the Heraklith® website (