Heraklith® panels showcased at the new Knauf Insulation Experience Center

Heraklith® panels showcased at the new Knauf Insulation Experience Center

The new Knauf Insulation Experience Center, now open at the Knauf Insulation plant at Visé, Belgium, is showcasing Heraklith® Wood Wool panels as one of the top solutions for energy-saving building excellence.

More than 300 square metres of Heraklith® Wood Wool panels have been installed, completely insulating the ceiling of the main hall and training facilities.

Heraklith® Wood Wool panels have been integrated into the building as a best practice example of using natural materials renowned for their exceptional combination of properties. They are recognised for their excellent noise absorption, superb thermal insulation, strength and durability, and outstanding fire resistance; as well as for their unique appearance and pleasing aesthetics.

The new Experience Center offers specialised insight into how to create a new generation of low-carbon, energy efficient buildings and equips installers with the certified expertise they need to deliver real energy- saving performance. Installers are provided with state-of-the-art training to enable them to carry out their work more effectively and offer their customers the specialist insight they need to create a new generation of better buildings.

Using cut-away models, transparent panels and digital technology visitors are able to ‘see through walls’ to understand exactly how energy savings are achieved in each situation using Knauf Insulation and Heraklith solutions.

Among the benefits also highlighted to visitors are that Heraklith® Wood Wool panels are lightweight, easy and time-saving to install, and eco-friendly. Made from natural raw materials, they meet the highest standards for sustainability and low environmental impact.

Over time, Heraklith® Wood Wool panels have been developed for new and innovative uses. Advanced manufacturing techniques are also deployed to ensure Heraklith® Wood Wool panels meet today’s increasingly stringent building regulations and standards.

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