Insulation with integrated lighting

Introducing insulation with integrated lighting

Heraklith® is launching a new concept of insulation with integrated lighting as the latest in its line of products designed to streamline installation and provide highly effective insulation solutions that are aesthetically pleasing and give users a friendly, harmonious and bright spatial experience.

Tektalan® A2-Lumax Wood Wool multilayer panels with a Mineral Wool core, come with cleverly recessed LED lights and a groove along the long edge for concealed cable routing. The robust, non-combustible panels are ideal for providing optimal illumination of underground garages and technical rooms at the same time as very effectively insulating against noise and heat loss.

“The panels can be used to create unique underground environments that are more energy efficient and avoid lighting systems taking additional head space,” says Josef Denk, Heraklith Product Manager and leader of the development team. “Highly energy-efficient LED lighting has been integrated into the panels so that underground garages and passages can be illuminated without additional lighting,” he says.

Carlos Nicolas, Heraklith Sales & Marketing Director, says that the integration of lighting, fire protection and thermal and acoustic insulation into a single product is a natural evolution for Tektalan® panels. “The new panels help installers complete their job faster, and as they are fully compatible with existing Tektalan® panels they can be fitted into existing ceilings as an easy upgrade.”

Tektalan® A2-Lumax panels are being launched initially in Germany in February and are offered with a choice of surface finishes. Tektalan® A2-Lumax L is made with 2 mm wide, natural-coloured wood wool fibres and Tektalan® A2-Lumax L [1.0] is made with 1 mm wide fibres. Both can be painted in different RAL colours thus enhancing the aesthetics of the areas where they are used.

Additional information is available in German on the website ( and data sheets and installation guidelines are available on the respective product pages:

• Tektalan A2-Lumax L.

• Tektalan A2-Lumax L [1.0]

• Tektalan A2-Lumax

• Tektalan A2-Lumax [1.0]

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