Heraklith is committed to a Better World

As part of Knauf Insulation, Heraklith is very proud to be defined by sustainability. Our products contribute to saving energy, cutting emissions and are designed to make sure buildings are good for the environment and safe and comfortable for those who use them. 

Plus, of course, Heraklith products are made from one of the world’s best renewable resources, wood.

Across our company, we have been working on all three pillars of sustainability for over a decade. We have focused on zero harm, reducing our energy use and emissions, recycling our production waste, incorporating circular economy principles and constantly campaigning for better and more sustainable buildings.

Building on our success, we are now focused on our exciting new sustainability strategy For A Better World.

Among the recent examples of achievement at Heraklith has been the elimination of significant quantities of production waste that used to end up in a landfill. This has been achieved thanks to cooperation between our plants at Simbach and St Egidien in Germany and our central technical department.

Material dust, produced during the manufacture of Heraklith Wood Wool multilayer panels, can now be separated and the Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and Wood Wool residues collected for recycling. The Rock Mineral Wool sawdust from Simbach in Bavaria is sent to St Egidien in Saxony where it is cleanly and efficiently processed into a new Rock Mineral Wool product. It saves more than 1,700 tons of waste which previously went to landfill.

The project is not only a commendable example of cooperation between two plants with different technologies, it also marks a significant contribution to enabling a circular economy and reducing the amount of waste that goes into landfills.