Heraklith® closes a year of celebrations

Heraklith® officially closes a year of celebrations this month, honouring the company’s 110th anniversary.

The first patent for Wood Wool panels was filed by Robert Scherer in 1908. Heraklith® customers quickly recognised the benefit of being able to construct buildings faster and more economically. By 1923, factory-made panels were being sold under the Heraklith® brand in their thousands across Europe.

Such was their success that it was not long before Heraklith® started working with architects, engineers and construction companies, finding all sorts of new ways to expand the range of applications. The new lightweight panels were rapidly changing the construction industry and became highly valued as an efficient and cost-effective way of improving the thermal and acoustic comfort for people and using the buildings.

The benefits are still as true and important today, and an expanded and vastly improved range of Heraklith® Wood Wool panels can now be found in the walls and ceilings of sports halls, car parks, theatres, entertainment complexes, residential buildings and offices across the world.

It is not unusual to find panels fitted many years ago that are still as effective today as they were when they were installed.

The history of Wood Wool panels has been one of continuous innovation. Heraklith® was the first company to manufacture non-combustible A2 panels and it has continuously developed its panels for new and innovative uses. Advanced manufacturing techniques are also deployed to ensure Heraklith® Wood Wool panels meet today’s increasingly stringent building regulations and standards.

Heraklith® is proud to have been part of this history from the beginning. As we close the door on our first 110 years, we are looking forward to many more decades of innovation and continued growth with our customers around the world.

Wood Wool by Heraklith®. Improving since 1908.