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Oosterhout plant upgrades its service to market with brand new Heraklith Experience Center

Oosterhout plant upgrades its service to market with brand new Heraklith Experience Center

Heraklith’s new Experience Center situated at Knauf Insulation Oosterhout is now ready for business, with a busy customer training program being prepared for the coming months.
The Experience Center is located in a dedicated area next to the wood wool plant including meeting and training facilities with a multi-application testing rig that has horizontal surfaces for car park and basement ceiling simulation, vertical ones for walls and a 450 inwards leaning surface acting as the indoor side of a pitched roof. “We wanted to make sure everyone visiting the Experience Center would find a surface layout related to their daily work” says Jeroen Verweij, general manager Knauf Insulation Netherlands. All work can be carried out at ground level and there is no need for ladders and scaffolding, so training activities can be done in safer conditions.
The Experience Center comes to strengthen the range of services Knauf Insulation offers to its customers in the wood wool market and it will help illustrate the company’s range of products and applications with prospective customers.

Moreover, it enables Knauf Insulation Oosterhout to get straight into contact with the customer’s customer. With the growing importance of the project market, installers are becoming more and more the buying / contract parties for Knauf Insulation, which needs to be close and closely related to this important target group.

The Heraklith Experience Center will also be used for the training of Knauf Insulation employees and in product development projects. “Hands-on product experience within our organization goes a long way towards being a credible partner with our customers”, says Carlos Nicolas, Heraklith Sales & Marketing Director.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact your sales representative, www.heraklith.com or the local Heraklith website in your country.