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New product for Eastern European markets

New product for Eastern European markets

Knauf Insulation wood wool plant in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary is launching its new product – Tektalan 037/2 – in April 2017, primarily meant for the underground car park and basement ceilings project markets in Eastern Europe. This product is an upgraded version of Tektalan C2 and Tektalan HS, which are being phased out.

The product name highlights the two major performance features customers seek in such applications, namely thermal insulation performance and reaction to fire. Tektalan 037/2 provides lambda 0.037 for the mineral wool layer and its A2 reaction to fire has been successfully tested and is certified by FIW Institute in Munich, Germany.

Tektalan 037/2 has a 10mm top layer providing new possibilities for board edge beveling. Furthermore, Tektalan 037/2 is manufactured with white cement so its unpainted visual appearance is significantly improved relative to the products made with grey cement. The broad range of factory-applied surface colors available for Tektalan 037/2 further strengthens its aesthetic credentials.

The legendary durability of Knauf Insulation wood wool products makes Tektalan 037/2 an excellent choice for those looking for a well-rounded solution combining fire protection, thermal and acoustic insulation, and attractive aesthetics with minimal maintenance requirements during its life time.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact your sales representative or visit the Heraklith and Knauf Insulation websites for your country.