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New Environmental Product Declarations for Heraklith portfolio

New Environmental Product Declarations for Heraklith portfolio

Heraklith has recently updated the Environmental Product Declaration for its product range of homogeneous boards.

The updated document reflects the continuous improvements made in the manufacturing processes and product technology, e.g. in terms of energy mix and efficiency, waste minimization and binder technology. It is relevant for the three Heraklith plants in Simbach (DE), Oosterhout (NL) and Zalaegerszeg (HU).

“We have carried out a thorough review of all relevant parameters to bring the Life Cycle Assessment of wood wool products up to date in line with the improvements done in our plants” remarked Jean-Pierre Pigeolet, Products and Buildings Sustainability Manager, Knauf Insulation. “Next to the detailed analysis or our responsible supply chain, this process has also given us the opportunity to identify areas for further positive developments” he added.

The updated EPDs show a significant improvement in Global Warming Potential value of Heraklith products vs. the results reached five years ago, mainly as a result of the new binder technology that is partly composed of secondary materials and helping to reach very stable products over a long term period. The EPD was audited by an independent third party to confirm the validity and accuracy of its contents.

“We are glad to see the new EPD showing improved results. Heraklith products are proving every day their strong environmental credentials that combined with their acoustic and thermal insulation performance, makes them the product of choice for many applications“, remarked Carlos Nicolas, Heraklith’s Sales & Marketing Director.

Knauf Insulation is currently working to update the EPDs for combined boards and expects to make these documents available before the end of 2017.

For more information, please visit www.knaufinsulation.com/en/environmental-product-declaration-epd , IBU – Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V. www.ibu-epd.com or ECO platform www.eco-platform.org.