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Latest additions to Heraklith’s library of reference projects

Latest additions to Heraklith’s library of reference projects

Heraklith is a leading global brand for wood wool boards with landmark reference projects around the world. Whether on its own or combined with a layer of mineral wool or foam insulation, Heraklith boards are used in a broad range of environments for safety, enhanced comfort, improved aesthetics and durable cost-effective solutions.

The Heraklith teams in Hungary and Czech Republic have recently prepared three outstanding examples of such performance including one of the largest football stadiums in Hungary and a state-of-the-art swimming hall.

“Heraklith products demonstrate time and again their ability to provide the combination of thermal and acoustic insulation with attractive aesthetics and long term durability that is required in a wide range of environments“, remarked Carlos Nicolas, Heraklith Sales & Marketing Director.


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