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Knauf Insulation Sustainability Report 2017 – Heraklith in the spotlight

Knauf Insulation Sustainability Report 2017 – Heraklith in the spotlight

Knauf Insulation has published its 2017 Sustainability Report a few days ago. This year we are dedicating several pages to Knauf Insulation’s Wood Wool activities with a particular focus on our Simbach plant, Germany, which has celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2017.

The column “How Simbach Made History” explains how Wood Wool boards have changed the building industry because of their properties and the significant reduction in installation time and wall thicknesses they allow relative to previous technologies. The growing popularity of this material led Heraklith to expand its manufacturing base with two more plants in The Netherlands and Hungary.

Next to it, the story “110 Years of Pioneering Wood Wool Innovation” will briefly take you back to 1908 when the original patent for Wood Wool boards was filed in Austria, before fast forwarding to recent technology and product developments underpinning Heraklith’s endless journey of innovation. These highlights and many more are presented in the Heraklith timeline “Wood Wool by Heraklith”.

Under the heading “Naturally Inspired” readers will find some of the ways Heraklith Wood Wool products contribute to Sustainability, whether it is through responsible wood sourcing, fighting noise pollution, or reusing materials – wood as well as insulation cores – that cannot be used within the products. Environmental Product Declarations are available for all our Heraklith products showing their environmental impact based on independently produced Life Cycle Assessments.

Last but not least, we have selected Ferencváros Football Club stadium as a perfect example of the optimal combination of insulation and aesthetic properties, fire resistance and long term durability provided by Wood Wool. This case study provides yet one example of the wide range of building environments where Heraklith products are used to meet the most demanding specifications.

We are immensely proud of having got this opportunity to contribute to this year’s Sustainability Report with our history, our achievements and ambitions for the future.

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